When we started our journey to launch a new World Airways in early 2017 we knew we had an opportunity to create something fresh and innovative that met the needs of the modern global traveler. We sought insights from the way we live to the way we connect with each other. Our team comes from all walks of life, but we searched for the universal human truths that were important to all of us.

Each day, as news, thoughts, and images flood our screens we feel our planet growing smaller. So many places feel closer and within reach. The places we want shouldn’t have to wait for “someday”. Global travel is the must have adventure we want now, and on our own terms.

At World Airways, we believe it’s possible to experience global air travel with same level of ease, control, and transparency we’ve come to expect from our on-demand, digital lives: Customizable. Personal. Effortless.

World Airways is the first ultra low-cost, long-haul airline headquartered out of the US, servicing under-penetrated routes between the US and far-off destinations around the world.

Today we’re introducing our updated brand. Our updated logo is a nod to the heritage of the original World Airways, leveraging an evolved version of the original titled globe, but is a unique mark that is inclusive, full of optimism, and celebratory. It doesn’t just celebrate our differences, it brings them together as one.



For us we’re not just flying a plane, we’re flying a flag.

We’re going to help make the world a little smaller – for everyone. Let’s connect and help narrow the gaps between our cultures and global communities.

The playing field has been leveled. We’re in this World together.



World Airways Logo